DVD Decoder Pack is an extension for the famous Windows Media Player to decode DVD format. This version is specially made for Windows XP, Vista and 2000.

Key Features

Codec Installation: DVD Decoder Pack mainly works by installing a DVD codec on Windows Media Player. This action allows playing DVD formats on the music player.

Drive: in addition to that, this software is packed with a built-in player that supports playing videos in MPEG-2 and 5.1-channel Dolby Digital files. Apart from that, the software also supports a wide range of VGA cards.

Audio-video synchronization: one of the particularities of DVD Decoder Pack is that it has a setting that allows synchronizing the audio with the video. For that, the user has to move backward or forward the tempo of the video or the audio.


Downloading this software is completely free.


DVD Decoder Pack does not support all Windows version.


Alternative spelling: dvdpack-1.0.msi, dvdpack.msi

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