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High Street 5 is an online game that allows the players to follow music, fashion and dance at the same time. Friends and other interactions can be met during the playing session.


  • Trend: to make a difference with someone, people tend to create their personal style. This game will allow you to be more on fashion due to the possibility to combine accessories and clothes in order to get better appearance.
  • Dance: One of a way to express the feeling. High Street 5 will give you the opportunity to discover various dancing styles because more than 30 dancers can join you in this game. This game will also show you the latest famous dancers on the world with their groups and their fans.
  • Making friends: while playing this game, the players can find friends easily because there is no limitation and everybody all around the world is welcome regardless their age, gender, country. So there is a possibility to get to know each other through the game.
  • Music: HighStreet 5 will make you know the last hits, favorite songs that are always on the air. The game also will help you stay tuned on stars, celebrities and their stories as well.
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Game modes

  • Dance and socialize with friends. 
  • Create your individual characters.
  • Meet new friends and dance in 20 unique dance halls. 
  • Visit other player's profile pages.
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