Coffeecup GIF Animator free for PC

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CoffeeCup GIF Animator is a software designed to create GIF animation. All items needed for that are accessible on the interface for easy handling.

What are the key features of Coffeecup GIF Animator?

  • Creating: this software was mainly designed to create GIF animation. The created elements can be uploaded on websites, blogs or documents. A preview option is also available to check the image before exporting it.
  • Supported formats: CoffeeCup GIF Animator supports importing AVI, PNG and WMV formats to its interface. Thanks to that, the user can use his favorite movie sequences and convert them to Gif format.
  • Editing: this software is also packed with an image editor. Indeed, it allows the user to adjust the animation's color. It also has all the standard tools necessary for such task such as pencil, erase, crop and over more.
  • HTML generator: another particularity of CoffeeCup GIF Animator is its ability to automatically generate HTML codes for the GIF. It facilitates the insertion of the file into a web page.
  • The option for adjusting color includes saturation, Red/Green/Blue panel control. The display time of each frame can be customized.

Is it free? 

CoffeeCup GIF Animator is proposed here as a trial version. The full version can be purchased on the editor's website.

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