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  • Version 1.2.5
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PaintTool SAI is a digital editing software that empowers graphic artists with lots of features to create images and illustrations. Thanks to all its powerful tools, the layer system, as well as all the available options, you will be able to create the piece of art you want. As one of the most popular alternatives to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Painter, simple but efficient, you should give the free PaintTool demo we provide you a try.

Key features

  • Powerful tools: PaintTool empowers you with a wide range of tools and editing options such as brushes, textures, color panels, airbrushes, watercolors, drawing pencils, markers, and more. Customize them and save them conveniently in your user panel.
  • Specialized functions: Fine-tune the settings from canvas' shape to drawing view and anti-aliasing effects.
  • Simple-but-handy interface: Thanks to the minimalist and intuitive interface, you will easily find everything you need, smoothly visualize your creations, and avoid eyestrain.
  • Multi-tasking: PaintTool allows you to open many documents simultaneously so that you can multitask or create unique compositions from many different images organized in multiple windows or organized tabs.
  • Powerful layer system: You will be able to use the powerful layer system that allows you to save lots of time, easily create complex and beautiful images, apply your actions to only one or groups of layers using opacity masks, and much more.
  • Direct export: Instantly export your creation as PaintTool SAI supports many formats such as JPG, BMP, PSD, or the native SAI file. You will then be able to share it, convert it, or print it.
  • High compatibility: PaintTool SAI is also compatible with graphics tablets and scanners.

How does PaintTool SAI work?

Once you install PaintTool SAI, you can start using the software straight away. You can create a new project by selecting “File > New” from the interface upper bar or import an existing image by selecting “File > Open”. Like any other image editor, you will find all the available tools on the main view. Once you finish your masterpiece, you can save it by selecting “File > Save as”.

Is it free?

PaintTool SAI offers a 31-day free trial period. You will have to purchase the official license to keep using it when the period ends. You can consult the dedicated section about payment methods on the official website.

Other alternatives

If you want to try other drawing software before buying one of them, you can also try Adobe Illustrator, which is part of the standard suite and offers more professional results. You can easily design logos, sketches, typography, and complex drawings you will use to produce digital interactive content or print them.

If you want a free alternative that still empowers you to achieve your goals, you can try Inkscape. Thanks to its vector graphics feature, it allows you to design logos, illustrations, and all other kinds of content with a high degree of geometric precision saved in an SVG file supported by all web browsers.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP and later versions
  • Processor: Pentium 450 MHz or later (requires MMX support)
  • Memory: Depends on Windows version. We recommend 256 MB of RAM for Windows XP, and 1,024 MB for those versions later than Windows Vista
  • Storage: minimum 512 MB of free disk space

Other systems

The official version of PaintTool SAI is currently only available for Windows.