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Corel Painter is a powerful digital art software that allows you to create stunning art pieces with a natural media feel. Providing huge sets of brushes, textures, and tools, you can make realistic illustrations, paintings, and digital art with great ease. It also offers a variety of features to help you compose, including layers, cloning, and photo-painting tools. Corel Painter is the perfect choice for any artist looking to create beautiful digital art.

What is Corel Painter?

Corel Painter is a digital art and illustration software program launched in 1991 and is currently developed by Corel Corporation. Designed to simulate the traditional media used in art, such as oils, watercolors, pastels, charcoal, and more, it hence features a wide range of brushes, textures, and effects that can be used to create digital art. It also includes various tools for creating animation, 3D models, and photo-realistic images. Corel Painter is used by professional digital artists, photographers, and illustrators to create visually stunning artwork. It is also an excellent solution for hobbyists and students to explore their creativity.

What are the key features of Corel Painter?

  • Workflow: The whole interface has been designed to provide an effortless yet empowered experience. Throughout your creation process, you can shape your workspace layouts the way you like and create custom brushes, palettes, as well as other settings so that you define your environment. About performance, Corel Painter is an optimized solution taking advantage of your GPU and CPU to get the most out of your hardware components and achieve blazing-fast rendering.
  • Brushes: You can access a large library of brushes and media types to finely craft your masterpieces, such as Fluid Brushes, Thick Paint, Watercolor, Pastel, Particles, Sargent, Liquify, F-X, Airbrushes, and more.
  • Compose: Full control over your compositions is provided through all the specific different tools. Brush control allows you to modify brush size, shape, angle, and more with the in-depth control panels. Canvas control lets you pan, zoom, rotate, and apply lighting and surface textures effortlessly. Color mixing is perfectly managed through the combination of the Color Wheel, Mixer, Color Sets, and Harmonies tools. Of course, many other composing features are available, like tools to shape proportions, perspectives, and mirroring, but also effects like Papers, Flow Maps, Patterns, Gradients, and more.
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  • A.I technology: You can use the power of artificial intelligence in many ways to save time and seamlessly transform your photos into paintings. Finely tweak the settings to get exactly what you want.
  • Layering: Layers are available, providing the flexibility you need to work and perform modifications in a non-destructive way. Also, by combining layers on top of each other, you can blend them, manage their opacity, apply masks, and convert and organize them.
  • More: There is so much to say about the new content in Corel Painter, like the improved selection, a better visualizer with overlay options, the ability to select areas based on color with brushes, and more!
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, meaning it preserves file content when transferring files between Painter and Photoshop. Secondly, it offers support for drawing tablets and stylus tilt, bearing, rotation, and pressure control, hence ensuring a comfortable and natural experience. Finally, you can easily collaborate, no matter whether you work on a PC or Mac, as both platforms are handled.
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How to use Corel Painter?

The best way to get started with Corel Painter is to browse all the rich and carefully-crafted tutorials available on the Corel Discovery Center. There are resources for everyone, from beginners to more advanced users.

Is Corel Painter free?

We offer you a 15-day trial version of Corel Painter. However, if you want to keep using it for a more extended period, you may consider purchasing the full license from the official website.

Is Corel Painter safe?

Corel Painter is safe to use and comes clean of malware. For more information about the use of your data, you may consider consulting their privacy policy.

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