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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is one of the most complete suites of graphic design programs available on the market. Led by the famous CorelDRAW program, this group of tools allows you to create vector graphics, retouch images, and carry out all kinds of projects related to design at a professional level.

What is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite?

With over 30 years of experience in the digital graphic design industry, Corel Corporation has brought together its best applications in the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite software package, including Corel PHOTO-PAINT and, AfterShot HDR, Corel Font Manager, and, of course, CorelDRAW. Each solution features specific functions for drawing, professional design, vector illustration, or photo retouching. Together they will assist you in realizing your projects, ranging from brand identity content to plans, diagrams, and maps. In addition, all the tools in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite are designed to simplify your work, whether you are an amateur or a professional.

What are the key features of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite?

  • What's new: You can now create smooth transitions on curves using the new Variable Outline tool and adjust line widths along paths. Using the exclusive cloud access and over 200 original templates, you can instantly start a design and learn new techniques in no time. In addition, all the different tools and interfaces have been improved based on user feedback.
  • CorelDRAW: It is the most important program in the suite as it results from many years of development to fit all your drawing needs. Besides, you can add creative effects to your designs with tools such as Silhouette, Wrap, or Blend, making your creations stand out. Also, you can magically convert images to vector graphics thanks to AI-assisted PowerTRACE.
  • Corel Font Manager: It assists you in organizing and managing your font library in an intuitive and simple way. Of course, you can easily search and filter your fonts.
  • This is the convenient web version of the CorelDraw module, perfect for designing on the go and easy collaborative quick file review.
© CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023
  • Corel PHOTO-PAINT: It is a photo editing and processing solution powered by A.I. technology. You can adjust and tune many photo settings, adjust tones, correct perspectives, and create non-destructive compositions through the layered editing system.
  • AfterShot HDR: You are able to correct and improve your RAW or JPEG photos and achieve professional-grade results through high dynamic range (HDR) images.
  • CAPTURE: It is a handy screen capture solution offering lots of flexibility. Hence, seamlessly capture your entire screen, individual windows, or menu lists in a single click.
  • Materials: You will find many essential resources and materials to get stunning results. Indeed, the software includes more than 7.000 digital images, templates, and clipart, 1.000 high-quality digital photographs, and more than 500 vector and bitmap fills, as well as TrueType and OpenType fonts and access to Google Fonts.
  • Collaborate: The cloud-based collaboration workflow allows you to connect with clients and colleagues on designs in real time. Also, you can consult live comments and annotations and resolve feedback so everyone is on the same page.
© CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023

How to use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite?

As CorelDRAW Graphics Suite features many possibilities, you will find many well-crafted tutorials and guides the developers created on the official website.

Is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite free?

We provide you with the 15-day trial version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. If you want to keep using it afterward, you can purchase the paid version from the official website.

Is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite safe?

Yes, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is safe to use.

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