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​​​​​​​Microsoft Fix it Center is a diagnostic software that helps you detect potential troubles that may affect your PC. It also offers advice on how to optimize your device.

What is Microsoft Fix it Center?

Microsoft Fix it Center is a tool developed by Microsoft with the purpose of providing an all-in-one solution for detecting and repairing PC issues. It includes features such as deep scanning and automatic repair. The software is user-friendly and perfect for non-technical people, as it won't require the user to intervene during the process. 

Microsoft Fix it Center was made available as an optional download for users of Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Nowadays, the software is no longer supported by Microsoft, as newer versions of the Windows operating system have built-in diagnosis and repair features.

What are the key features of Microsoft Fix it Center?

  • Extensive scan of the PC: The scan can detect any computer glitches that may slow down the execution of tasks. After that, it launches an automatic repair of the detected issues. Then, all modifications will be listed in a detailed report.
  • Reduces the energy consumption of the computer: To do this, the software employs a function that detects settings that disrupt PC autonomy, such as screen luminosity level and different power options.
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Is Microsoft Fix it Center free?

You can download and use this tool for free.

Is Microsoft Fix it Center safe?

Microsoft Fix it Center is a safe and secure application developed by Microsoft. However, you should remember that it is no longer supported, which means there won't be security patches or bug fixes in the future.

Does Microsoft Fix it Center work on Windows 10?

No, Microsoft Fix it Center doesn't work on Windows 10, as it has been replaced by Microsoft Diagnostics Services.

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