Speedtest free for Android APK

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  • Developer Ookla
  • Version 4.5.32
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Speedtest by Ookla is an app created to measure the internet connection and performance, speed and network availability nearby. The data is shown in handy graphs and maps. It also has a built-in VPN that you can use for free.

What are the key features of Speedtest?

  • Internet Performance test: the app analyzes the Internet connection, its accurate speed, even for 5G connection.
  • VPN: Speedtest has a built-in VPN that you can use for free with up to 2GB data transfer per month and stay private.
  • Speed: Discover your download, upload, and ping speed.
  • Maps: All data is displayed in handy real-time graphs and maps. You can see a particular mobile coverage map to choose the right provider.

How does Speedtest work?

Speedtest measures how much time does it take for the server to respond to the user’s request (latency). Based on it and download and upload analytics, the app provides you with accurate data.

Is Speedtest free?

Speedtest is free to download and use, though it can contain some in-app purchases, such as permanent ad removal ($0.99) or monthly unlimited VPN access ($4.99).

Is Speedtest safe?

Speedtest app has a built-in VPN that makes your connection private and secure. It is free for up to 2GB per month.

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