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Google Gemini revolutionizes how we interact with technology, offering a multi-faceted AI that understands and assists with writing, learning, and creativity. It's built to be safe, inclusive, and capable of generating instant images or summarizing vast info with ease. A future-forward tool, Gemini makes every digital interaction smarter and more intuitive.

What is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini is both the name of the iconic AI large language model (LLM) developed by Google and the AI assistant based on it.

Google's newest AI superstar is like a Swiss Army knife of intelligence, juggling text, images, code, and even audio with ease. Unlike its predecessors, Gemini doesn't get lost in translation - it seamlessly understands and connects different information types. Need a poem inspired by a painting? Or maybe code that writes itself based on your voice commands? Gemini's got you covered. Plus, it comes in three sizes (Ultra, Pro, Nano) to fit your project, from epic game design to crafting the perfect email. Imagine the possibilities! 

What are the key features of Google Gemini?

  • Interface: Well, it's a Google product, so it obviously provides a nice-looking, intuitive, and performant interface, making sure your experience is smooth from the very start. Just type, and let the power of Gemini surprise you.

  • Get help with writing, brainstorming, learning, and more: Gemini offers versatile assistance across various tasks, including writing, generating ideas, and pursuing educational pursuits. It acts as a multifunctional tool to enhance productivity and creativity.

  • Use text, voice, photos, and your camera: Offering a multimodal interface, Gemini accepts inputs through text, voice commands, photos, and live camera feeds, enabling you to submit the request you want.

  • Advanced coding: Gemini is engineered to comprehend, explain, and produce superior code across the globe's foremost programming languages, including Python, Java, C++, and Go. Its proficiency in navigating multiple languages and deciphering intricate data positions it as a premier foundational model for coding internationally.
  • Different plans for different purposes: Google plans to release multiple plans to meet everyone's purpose, including Ultra (the most capable and largest model for highly complex tasks), Pro (the best model for scaling across a wide range of tasks), and Nano (the most efficient model for on-device tasks)
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  • Gemini remembers: It is capable of recalling past interactions within the same dialogue. This feature significantly enhances the conversational experience, enabling both you and the AI to delve deeper into subjects, both simple and complex, and draw links between various topics.
  • More tokens: Tokens represent how much data Gemini can handle per request. The more tokens you can use, the more complicated the request can be in terms of data. While other AI solutions support around 200.000 tokens, Gemini 1.5 has started experimenting with 1 million tokens.
  • Summarize and find quick info from Gmail or Google Drive (mobile): This feature allows you to quickly access and summarize content from emails and documents stored in Gmail and Google Drive, streamlining the search for important information without sifting through content manually.

  • Generate images on the fly (mobile): Gemini can create images instantly based on user inputs, offering a creative tool for generating visual content without requiring specialized graphic design skills.

  • Say "Hey Google" to Gemini (mobile): By using the "Hey Google" voice command, Gemini can provide contextual assistance based on the content currently displayed on your phone screen, making it even easier to use.

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  • Make plans with Google Maps and Google Flights (mobile): Gemini leverages the capabilities of Google Maps and Google Flights to assist you in planning travel and navigation, simplifying the process of finding routes, booking flights, and exploring new destinations easily.

  • Incredible performance: Achieving a remarkable 90.0% score, Gemini Ultra becomes the inaugural model to surpass human experts in MMLU (massive multitask language understanding), which evaluates proficiency across 57 diverse fields, including mathematics, physics, history, law, medicine, and ethics, testing both global knowledge and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong hardware foundation: Even the most powerful model would be nothing without a reliable architecture providing the power it needs. Google knows that and has built the most advanced TPU system yet, Cloud TPU v5p, tailored for the training of state-of-the-art AI models. This new generation TPU is set to boost the evolution of Gemini and assist users, developers, and enterprise clients in training extensive generative AI models more swiftly.
  • Safety: The Gemini model has been developed with a commitment to responsibility, integrating protective measures, and collaborating with partners to ensure its safety and inclusiveness.
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How to use Google Gemini?

The Gemini app

  1. Fire up the Gemini app.
  2. Hit "Get started."
  3. Take a quick look at what Gemini can do for you, then tap "More" and agree to the terms on the next screen.
  4. Gemini is all about making things easier - from sparking new ideas and learning stuff to getting things done on your phone, it's got your back. Ready to dive in? You can ask Gemini anything by typing, talking, or snapping a pic. Just throw your question or pic in the "Type, Talk, or Share a photo" box and press the send icon. Or, grab one of the suggestions at the top.
  5. Wanna keep going? Just do step 4 again.
  6. As you keep asking and searching, all your previous asks will show up in the "Chats" area in the middle of your screen.

Is Google Gemini free?

Yes, Google Gemini is free to use. Some paid plans will be part of it too.

Is Google Gemini safe?

Google Gemini is considered safe to use. Moreover, Google is taking care of providing reliable solutions:"In advance of releasing 1.5 Pro, we've taken the same approach to responsible deployment as we did for our Gemini 1.0 models, conducting extensive evaluations across areas including content safety and representational harms, and will continue to expand this testing."

How do I change my Google Assistant to Gemini?

  1. Open the Gemini app and tap your profile pic in the top right corner.
  2. Head over to Settings.
  3. Click on "Digital assistants from Google."
  4. Make Gemini your go-to assistant by selecting it.
  5. If you change your mind and want Google Assistant back on "Hey Google" duty, just redo these steps and pick Google Assistant.
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