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Microsoft Silverlight is the application or plugin you need to run web applications or Silverlight-based content like interactive animations, video and audio content, and more.

What is Microsoft Silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight is a discontinued application framework developed by Microsoft Corporation and designed for writing and running web applications, just like Adobe's runtime and Adobe Flash. On supported platforms and web browsers, you can play interactive animations and audio and video files from services offering Silverlight-based content. It supports high-definition video streaming and integrates WMV, MP3, and WMA codecs.

What are the key features of Microsoft Silverlight?

  • High compatibility: It allows you to create and display interactive content on web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Content playback: You can play all kinds of content on your web browsers or mobile apps, like video, audio, animations, and 3D graphics content.
  • Extendable: It is compatible with multiple programming interfaces and languages. It features built-in development tools that allow working in any environment and language compatible with the .NET Framework.
  • Easy access: Thanks to WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and WPD (Windows Presentation Foundation) technologies, you have easy access to data and services.

How to use Microsoft Silverlight?

Download and install the plugin on your computer by following the installation process. To view Silverlight-based content, you need to use a compatible web browser. Note that the latest version of Chrome is not one of them, but below is a trick to solve this problem.

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How to install Microsoft Silverlight in Chrome?

  1. First, add the IE Tab extension to Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the extension icon and run the ietabhelper.exe file that will automatically be downloaded.
  3. Download and install Microsoft Silverlight and display any page that requires it using IE Tab.

Is it free?

Yes, the plugin is free to use.

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