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"AdBlock Plus"

Adblock Plus is an extension for web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and others. Its main function is to block intrusive ads and bulky banners.

What are the key features of AdBlock Plus? 

  • Blocks ads: Adblock Plus's main function is to stop intrusive ads so it blocks ads that appear when streaming video on video-sharing websites like Youtube or Dailymotion. This function also works with pop-ups, banners and other ads on the web.
  • Customization: The user can also insert a list of advertisement links that he wants to block automatically. This option allows you to pre-define items to block like scripts or subsequent objects. This helps to load the page quicker.
  • Websites deactivation: It is also possible to deactivate lists of unwanted websites and ads if you wish so.
  • Security: Adblock Plus not only makes your web browsing more comfortable with no ads but also protects your computer by blocking malicious web pages and disabling tracking.

How does Adblock Plus work?

Adblock Plus works as a browser extension that detects ads and blocks them right away according to your lists of allowed ads/websites. If you are wondering about how to install Adblock Plus, don’t worry, the process is rather simple. First of all, download the app for your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), and in the new dialog box, click on Add extension, and you are done!

"CCM : présentation du logiciel AdBlock Plus ENGLISH"

Is Adblock Plus free?

Adblock Plus is free to download and use, though you can make a donation to its developers if you enjoy the service and want to thank the creators.

Is Adblock Plus safe?

Adblock Plus is a safe app that secures your web searches and doesn’t specifically collect or share your personal data with third parties. To learn more, read its privacy policy.

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