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Developed by Google Inc itself, Google App is an official application that can find restaurants nearby and provide all that accessible info the user is asking for, like classic Google on the web, and more.

What are the key features of Google App?

  • "Ok Google": this information is quite similar to the Google web search engine. The iOS user has to ask (via the iOS device microphone) something and let Google answer questions. The result appears in a matter of seconds after typing. Found images can be displayed in full-screen mode.
  • Information of the day: among other features, we can have the weather of the day and news from all around the world. Another option that is worth mentioning is its ability to display the traffic in the surrounding area (thanks to the GPS on the iDevice). More than that, users can have updates on sports, important events of the day, and movies' latest news.
  • Search engine: Google App still keeps this feature to let users profit from all news, and all necessary information related to a field in real-time. The app lets Internet users seek information via typing on the search box.
  • Incognito: the ability to browse in a private incognito mode.
  • Reminder: Google App settings can be configured to notify users of something that has to be done. Indeed, with the search by voice option, they just have to ask for a reminder and the app will activate it right after that.
  • Google Lens: the ability to search with your camera, translate text, identify plants and animals, scan QR codes, and more.
  • Multilingual: the Google app is multilingual and includes languages such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Thai, French, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, and many more.
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How to use Google App?

Google App is as easy to use as a classic Google web. Just open the app and type whatever you want to find, then tap Search.

Is Google App free?

The app is completely free to download and use

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