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  • Developer Celtx
  • Version 2.9.1
  • License Shareware
  • Language en

Celtx is quite unique in its kind. It helps to make writing and pre-production somewhat easier. It offers several features that are detailed below.

What are the key features of Celtx?

  • Screenwriting: Celtx is providing users an industry-standard screenwriting editor available for screenplays, AV scripts and more. It is also a rich text editor for outlines, templates and printing options.
  • Pre-visualization tool: Apart from that, Celtx also features tools to visualize scripts such as storyboarding and sketch tool (pre-loaded icons for cameras, lights and people to be tagged with text as well as other tools for drawing lines, shapes, arrows and text.
  • Sharing: All information about the writer of the project can be shared with the built-in server program. Employees can also edit and publish their work online.
  • Other options: With Celtx, thanks to an option called Celtx Studios, it is possible to manage, store, publish and schedule any project. It is built on open and non-proprietary standards (HTML, XML and RDF).

Is it free?

This version expires after 15 days of use. You can also try a more recent version of the software for 7 days by registrating your e-mail adress on the official Celtx website.

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