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Before Microsoft Word became the industry standard text processing software in the mid-90's, personal computers in households and offices around the globe were more likely to use WordPerfect for this purpose. Originally developed for the DOS platform, WordPerfect is an iconic word processor that can be used to create documents, brochures, letters, resumes, and more. The application offers extensive file-format compatibility, including those of its main competitor Microsoft.

What is WordPerfect and what is it used for?

WordPerfect, now owned by Corel Corporation, is a word processing application that enables people to create, manipulate and save text documents. It features things such as a dictionary and spelling corrector, support for more than 60 file types and quick access to important document statistics, such as line count, word count and character count.

What are the key features of WordPerfect?

  • Oxford Concise Dictionary: Brand new to WordPerfect in 2021 is the Oxford Concise Dictionary integration, which contains numerous definitions, words (including scientific and specialist words), phrases and phonetic spellings from every officially recognized English variety.
  • Reveal Codes: Thanks to this powerful feature, document control has bever been easier. Reveal Codes is a special window that displays codes for font parameters and text alignment features. This helps to deliver a clear picture of the font and alignment styles applied to each section, facilitating its duplication throughout other parts of the document.
  • Microsoft Office compatibility: WordPerfect is fully compatible with Microsoft Office file formats (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, etc), allowing you to open, edit and save them in each of the WordPerfect Office 2021 applications.
  • PDF support: You can easily import PDF files and convert them into a WordPerfect format. The new PDF Form feature helps you to create fillable forms for documents with a data collecting goal, including text fields, checkboxes, drop-down lists, etc. Furthermore, WordPerfect supports PDF password protection, enabling users to restrict who can view, edit, copy or print PDFs. The extensive PDF publishing options ensure that you can share your documents with users on different platforms.
  • Legal-specific options: The text editor comes equipped with a set of tools designed for legal professionals. You can use WordPerfect to create and format indexes, tables of content, pleading papers, and much more.

Is it free?

WordPerfect is part of the WordPerfect Office Standard 2021 suite, which includes other office tools such as Quattro Pro (similar to Microsoft Excel), Presentations (similar to Microsoft PowerPoint) and AfterShot 3 (photo editor). By clicking on the green button on the top of this page you will receive the trial version of this suite, which is fully functional during a 30-day period. The full version of WordPerfect costs $249.99.

What are the minimum system requirements for WordPerfect?

  • Operating system: Windows 10, 8 or 7.
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster Intel (x86) or AMD64 processor.
  • Memory: 1 GB (x86) or 2 GB (AMD64) RAM.
  • Storage: 2.75 GB free hard drive space.
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