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The Proton Calendar App is the new app from the Proton Mail Company, dedicated to building a safer network of interconnected emails and VPNs to guarantee safe, end-to-end encrypted communications. The encrypted calendar syncs with the contacts and users holding Proton Network accounts.

What are the key features of Proton Calendar?

  • Calendar Sync: All calendar events sync together on your device, regardless of the application previously used to keep track of your calendar services, it allows you to simply add all of your events to any application, for example, Google Calendar.
  • Location Services: The application has thousands of destinations and location services that allow you to give the best event title and description location to all participants. It also gives out suggestions for possible meeting points as one of its additional features.
  • Modulation: There's one modulator that can take charge of the events and tasks inside the calendar, there can also be more than one. This feature allows them to keep track of the events, record the moments, add emojis, delete events, and manage up to 10 calendars individually.
  • Recurring Events: Save up all of the recurring events among friends, family, or work. The app can keep track of what are the most important tasks and events within a group and have everyone up to date with push-up notifications to announce the upcoming events and changes.
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How does it work?

The Proton Calendar syncs all the interconnected contacts using accounts with Proton emails, it can also synchronize calendars using other applications such as Google or the iOS calendar, it can sum up to 10 calendars allowing the user to select and manage each one individually. The modulator of each calendar can decide who can make and edit it, and add the proper guests.

Is it safe?

One of the main points of Proton Calendar is the end-to-end encryption used to guarantee safety among its users with every event encrypted on your device.

Is it free?

The application is free for download.

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