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Xshell is an excellent terminal emulator designed for Microsoft Windows, offering many convenient features for automation. It is also an SSH and a TELNET client. Powered by a flexible and robust environment, you will quickly realize why competitors cannot compete with it.

What is Xshell?

Getting a trustworthy terminal emulator providing a secure, reliable, customizable, and fully featured environment can be a little bit tricky or expensive. And most of the time, it lacks some features, or you end up wasting time submitting repetitive requests day after day. But Xshell is different.

Xshell is a terminal emulator and SSH and Telnet client developed by NetSarang Computer, Inc. for Microsoft Windows. It is one of the most powerful emulators in the market, as it provides tons of features out of the box without sacrificing the safety of your information. Constantly updated, it is a tool of choice whether you want to use it for home, educational, or professional purposes.

What are the key features of Xshell?

  • Terminal emulator: It is able to emulate a wide range of terminals, such as SCOANSI, XTERM, LINUX, ANSI, VT320, VT220, and VT100. In addition, you can completely customize the different settings, such as terminal aesthetics, key mappings, Highlight Sets (how keywords and regex are highlighted in the terminals), mouse behavior, logging options, and lots more.
  • Secure protocols: It supports SSH1, SSH2, RLOGIN, SFTP, SERIAL, and TELNET protocols. Xshell comes with various security features through reliable public key authentication methods, traffic encryption, and password protection. Hence, your data remains safe, and no third parties can intercept them for their own use.
  • Remote access: You can seamlessly access several hosts simultaneously from your Windows PC and send local commands. Besides, it offers file management, tunneling, and dynamic port forwarding for enhanced flexibility.
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  • Automate: You can completely automate repetitive and tedious tasks to make your workflow more efficient. As it supports VB, Java, and Python, you can automatically generate scripts based on input/output and create more complex and reusable scripts. Oh, and your scripts can also target other sessions.
  • Excellent environment: It also provides advanced session management as you can easily create, edit, and launch sessions with the Sessions Manager and inherit session properties. Customizing your view layouts is super easy with drag and drop. Furthermore, you can create quick command buttons, assign them to specific sessions, and even edit multiple lines of string before sending them in batches to single, multiple, or all sessions simultaneously.
  • Ahead of the curve: Xshell has a live update functionality for automatically downloading upgrades and staying up-to-date for maximum security and the latest features. Oh, and it has UTF-8 based terminal with multiple-language support, so you don't need to switch between different language encodings.

How to use Xshell?

The best way to learn to use Xshell is to consult the dedicated tutorials.

Is Xshell free?

Xshell is free to use in educational or home settings. However, to use Xshell for commercial purposes, consider buying a license on the official website.

Is Xshell safe?

Yes, Xshell is considered safe to use. It employs the secure MIT Kerberos authentication system and provides many security features to ensure data safety.

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