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  • Developer iMobie Inc.
  • Version 2.2.0
  • License Freeware
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DroidKit is a must-have if you need a comprehensive toolkit that offers solutions for almost all your Android issues. In a nutshell, it can unlock your screen, bypass FRP, recover or extract data, fix your system, help you manage your data, perform system reinstallation, and clean your data. The best part is that it does it without rooting your device, ensuring it remains safe.

What is DroidKit?

DroidKit is a fully-featured solution developed by iMobie that provides workarounds for almost all Android issues, like screen unlocking, FPR bypass, data recovery, data extraction, system fix, data management, system reinstall, and system cleaning. You might wonder if versatility comes with complexity, but it doesn't, as DroidKit has a simple interface that handles everything seamlessly.

What are the key features of DroidKit?

  • Screen unlocker: Whether you accidentally locked your device because you forgot your PIN or your screen password or because your fingerprint or face unlock doesn't work, DroidKit can help you regain access to your device. Indeed, it can remove all types of screen locks regardless of your mobile brand, like Samsung, LG, Motorola, and all other Android devices. The cherry on top: no root is required.
  • Bypass FRP: Dealing with FRP can be problematic if you end up locked after a factory reset or because you purchased a second-hand phone with FRP lock on. Gladly, DroidKit has a customized solution for each device model and Android version, and you don't need to be tech-savvy.
  • Recover data: Powered with the innovative Quick Recovery technique, you can use DroidKit to quickly scan your phone storage and recover all your precious data. Ultimately, you will get your messages, contacts, WhatsApp chats and files, and all the essential data you need daily (up to 13 data types are handled).
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  • Fix your system: DroidKit offers solutions to fix your phone without rooting it. It addresses many system issues, such as black screens, freezes, unresponsive touch screens, app malfunctions, camera errors, and more. DroidKit smartly tailors its fix for optimal results based on the specific Android OS and device model.
  • Data management: DroidKit functions as a comprehensive Android manager featuring three modes. It simplifies the process of transferring, backing up, and organizing essentials like photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp data, and more. Whether you're transitioning from iPhone to Android or upgrading from an older Android device, DroidKit makes the process straightforward with just a few clicks and no technical expertise necessary. In minutes, you can easily export data to your computer or import it directly to your device. Plus, with 256-bit encryption, your content remains entirely private and secure.
  • System reinstallment: As there is no limit with DroidKit, you can also reinstall or upgrade to a specific Android OS version. Traditionally, this involves downloading the correct ROM, searching for a flashing tool, and navigating intricate steps, sometimes even requiring device rooting. But DroidKit offers a way simpler way to achieve the same result, as it can automatically identify the proper official ROM for your device and install it with just one click. This time again, there is no need for device rooting or security trade-off.
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  • Extract data: Even when your Samsung phone or tablet suffers a system breakdown, the data and files within remain available, and DroidKit can assist you in retrieving and transferring them to a new Samsung device or storing them on your computer. As mentioned above, 13 types of files are supported, including Photos, WhatsApp Attachments, Messages, Contacts, Videos, Audio, Call Logs, Calendars, Documents, Books, ZIP Files, APK Files, and LINE Attachments.
  • Clean effectively: There is no doubt that with all these features, you can also use it to thoroughly and securely clean your whole device.

How to use DroidKit?

Don't worry; you won't get lost in all these features as the company provides finely crafted tutorials for every feature:

  1. Basic information.
  2. Screen unlocker.
  3. Data recovery
  4. FRP lock bypass.
  5. Fix system issues.
  6. Extract data from system crash (look at all the other extraction processes).
  7. Reinstall/Upgrade OS (Android).
  8. Export data from Android to computer (look at all the other exporting processes).
  9. Clean your system.

Is DroidKit free?

This version of DroidKit is free to use, but you can purchase the paid version to take advantage of all the features and get the most out of it.

Is DroidKit safe?

Yes, DroidKit is considered safe to use.