SetupVPN: download for PC, Mac, Chrome, Android (APK)

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  • Version 5.0.7
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SetupVPN is a free VPN that makes it super easy to hide your IP address. This means you can get into blocked sites or trick websites into thinking you're in a different place to use certain services. It's got a bunch of locations—over 100—to choose from, and the browsing speed is pretty zippy. Plus, you don't have to be a tech whiz to set it up: it's all straightforward and ready to go.

What is SetupVPN?

SetupVPN is a US-based extension-based VPN service developed by VPN1, offering both free and premium versions. It is designed to enhance online security and privacy through SSL-based encryption. The service allows users to bypass regional restrictions and access blocked websites by altering their IP addresses. While SetupVPN maintains user browsing history, it ensures that this data is not sold to third parties.

What are the key features of SetupVPN?

  • Effortless privacy with native encryption: Your online communication is safeguarded with SSL-based encryption, the latest standard in security. Rest easy knowing your sensitive data is protected as it travels across the internet, thanks to the constantly updated servers.
  • Adaptive innovation: The world of VPN demands creativity and adaptability, as protection methods vary worldwide. Hence, the team behind SetupVPN is dedicated to constantly refining their technology to stay ahead of the curve.
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  • Dedicated premium support: From the moment you sign up, a personal account manager is there for you. And if you need quick answers, just email them. They're committed to responding swiftly to support your needs.
  • Wi-Fi protection on the go: Whether you're sipping coffee at a café or working from a public space, your data is secure on public Wi-Fi. The SetupVPN add-on ensures your online activities stay private, no matter where you are.
  • Global access with multiple locations: Explore an expanding world of over 100 server locations globally. Plus, they're always adding more to bring the world closer to you.
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  • Optimized speed and unlimited access: Enjoy the best speeds without bandwidth limits. SetupVPN monitors and enhances connection speeds based on your selected country, ensuring you get the fastest browsing experience wherever you surf.
  • Simple, hassle-free setup: Jump into a secure online world with ease. Just install the add-on, register, and select a country. No complex configurations, and no tech expertise are needed. With SetupVPN, a secure internet is just a few clicks away.

How to use SetupVPN?

  1. Register anonymously with a single click. All you need to do is click to get started without having to fill in any personal data. 
  2. Choose the country from where you want your IP to appear connected. 
  3. Then, you can change the country, as well as activate or deactivate the VPN whenever you wish.

Is SetupVPN free?

SetupVPN offers free accounts, but they also have a premium account for customers who want more robust features. Moreover, you can use it for any business purposes (even if you own an internet café).

Is SetupVPN safe?

SetupVPN is considered a safe solution to use, so no worries.