Identity Cloaker free for PC

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Identity Cloaker is a service that protects the user's privacy when surfing on internet. It allows encrypting data before transferring them or hiding IP address and physical location.

What are the key features of Identity Cloaker?

  • Data encryption: Identity Cloaker offers the ability to encrypt data before transferring them through internet. By this way, it ensures that sensitive information about the user can not be viewed by malicious persons and hackers.
  • Hiding IP address: It is also able to hide the IP address of its user as well as their physical location. They can then access the internet and all websites without being tracked.
  • Supported browsers: Identity Cloaker supports almost all popular web browsers including Safari, Chrome and more. With Mozilla Firefox, it is even possible to install an extension so as a secured connection will be chosen automatically at Firefox start.

Is it free?

This software is free.

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