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AutoRunExterminator is a reliable autorun file killer. Thanks to its simplicity, it will automatically detect all the potential malicious autorun files in your drives and delete them to keep the viruses at bay.

What is AutoRunExterminator?

AutoRunExterminator is an autorun.inf file scanning program that allows you to get rid of all potential malicious files. An autorun.inf file is a text file that the AutoRun components of Windows can use to enable some applications to execute programs automatically without user permission. Hence it has been used to execute lots of different malicious programs.

What are the key features of AutoRunExterminator?

  • Powerful: AutoRunExterminator can scan all your drives, including USB flash disks, and automatically remove all the autorun viruses from infected drives (if they are not read-only).
  • Handy: Installation is not a prerequisite so you can run AutoRunExterminator from any location.
  • Lightweight: It only needs a minimal amount of CPU and RAM and comes as a very small-sized executable. Moreover, it will leave no traces or Windows Registry keys after removing them from your computer.
  • Real-time protection: You can also schedule AutoRunExterminator to run at Windows startup or periodically, showing alerts using desktop notification. That way, you can make sure your devices stay clean.
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How to use AutoRunExterminator?

  1. Once downloaded and launched, AutoRunExterminator will start to monitor all drives and try to detect autorun files.
  2. After the scan is finished, you will get a complete report that can be consulted by clicking on the AutoRunExterminator icon on the taskbar.

Is it free?

Yes, AutoRunExterminator is completely free of charge.

Is it safe?

Yes, AutoRunExterminator is a safe and non-intrusive piece of software, no data leaks or malicious behaviors have been reported.

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