USB Lock RP free for PC

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USB Lock RP is a utility that can block or allow a removable device across a network or on a computer. This means that it can manage all USBs from connected computers.

Note: you can download the latest demo version of the software from the publisher's website, after registrating your e-mail.

What are the key features of USB Lock RP?

  • Restrict access: In real time, USB Lock RP lets users choose the removable storage to block or to allow operating on the network. It is possible to group them by VID, PID or hardware ID so that they can be connected on specific clients.
  • Custom alerts: So as to let users be aware of a connected (authorized or unauthorized) device, USB Lock RP can send alerts to them. It can be configured to be sent via e-mail automatically. This means that it can be done in real time.
  • Personalized locking: At the beginning of the process, the administrator user will be asked to select the class protection to apply to the device where a password is compulsory. It can be a group of CD and DVD, removable drives, WIFI or Bluetooth.

Is it free?

This is a trial version that expires after 15 days.

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