Loop Recorder free for PC

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Loop Recorder, as its name suggests, is sound recording software that allows you to capture sounds from any source. It is designed by Thomas Riechmann and Gerald Riec.

What are the key features of Loop Recorder?

  • Recording: Loop Recorder gives users the ability to record sounds being played by the sound card. It can capture music from the web and radio stations.
  • Storage formats: what is interesting with Loop Recorder is that it can cut and record songs in multiple formats including MP3, WAV, OGG, and ASF (Windows Media Audio).
  • Scheduler: even if you are not home, you can still configure it to record a radio program at scheduled times. When you come back home, Loop Recorder lets you edit the recorded sound.
  • Configuration: Loop Recorder is completely configurable, allowing the user to add changes when recording. It is worth noting that this can happen at the same time as the registration continues in the background.
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