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Media Go is a software that allows the user to store his multimedia files in one place. You can access the library from a computer or mobile device.

Disclaimer: Media Go support has ended. As of January 2018, Sony will no longer provide support or updates for Media Go.

What are the key features of Media Go?

  • Synchronization: The software's interface is the same as iTunes. It makes a deep analysis of the user's data and displays them in a window. Each file will be classified by sections such as music, games, or podcasts.
  • Search: Media Go is equipped with a powerful search engine allowing the user to easily and quickly find what he is looking for. All he has to do is to type a keyword and the program will do the rest.
  • Sharing: Once this program is installed, the sharing function is automatically activated. That offers the user the possibility to listen to music or watch videos via mobile devices such as PSP.
  • Transfer: Media Go can also be used as a data transfer tool. The user can copy songs or other files to the removable devices. It is important to mention that the software supports many removable devices.
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