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Usb Xtaf allows you to access the contents of your FATX hard drives. FATX is a slightly modified version of the FAT file system for the hard drive of the Xbox console.

Disclaimer: It seems this software hasn't been updated for several years, hence the version linked to this page is the latest.

What is USB Xtaf?

USB Xtaf is a useful utility designed to let you access data files on your Xbox console, write data, perform backups of game files, and mod your games.

What are the key features of USB Xtaf?

With the USB Xtaf, you can read and write data on the hard drive of your Xbox and also on the USB storage devices formatted by your console. USB Xtaf is a freeware compatible with Windows XP/Vista and 7.

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How to use USB Xtaf?

It is quite an old solution, so you can consult forum topics to learn how to use it.

Is USB Xtaf free?

You can download and use this product for free.

Is USB Xtaf safe?

Yes, USB Xtaf is considered safe.

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