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BlueStacks X is a powerful Android emulator that brings Cloud Gaming to the Android game library. Thanks to the AI-based Hybrid Cloud solution, you can now dynamically play your games on the Cloud or locally. Playing is way simpler with Cloud Gaming, click, and you are good to go.

What is BlueStacks X?

BlueStacks X is an Android emulator powered with BlueStacks features to let you take advantage of Cloud Gaming. Featuring an AI-based Hybrid Cloud technology, you can now dynamically know if you can play your favorite Android games locally or stream to your PC from the Cloud. That's a big step forward because, over the years, powerful computers won't be required to get an incredible experience, only a good internet connection.

What are the key features of BlueStacks X?

  • Hybrid Cloud technology: BlueStacks X is powered with an AI-based Hybrid Cloud technology able to detect how you can have the best gameplay experience on Cloud or your desktop and laptop. In a nutshell, BlueStacks AI-based technology analyzes factors like system specifications, internet connection, and various others to decide what's best for you dynamically.
  • Break free: As BlueStacks X allows you to use Cloud Gaming on supported titles, you no longer need to download games, no space is required on your device, and you can launch and play games in a single click instantly.
  • Play on the Cloud: Cloud Gaming is a game changer because it drastically switches the balance of work. Indeed, if you have a good internet connection, you no longer need a device with high specifications, as most of the computing work to run the game is performed on a distant server.
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  • Share and sync: Another fantastic benefit of BlueStacks X is that you can easily share and synchronize your progress across all your devices. Hence, you can start playing on your PC at home and seamlessly keep playing on your tablet or phone without any loss.
  • BlueStacks-based: BlueStacks X provides the same features as BlueStacks 5 in case you cannot play your games on the Cloud, so you will always take advantage of the best of the two worlds.
  • Huge catalog: You have access to a library of 2Mn+ Android games. Even though not all of them are available for Cloud Gaming, the list keeps growing.
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How to use BlueStacks X?

  1. Once launched, you can start searching for games using the Find Games search bar at the top of BlueStacks X or explore the available games in the Game Center section on the left panel.
  2. Once you have selected the game you want, hover your cursor over the game's tile and click on the available option presented by the AI-based Hybrid Cloud algorithm.
  3. You will see Play on Cloud if the game supports Cloud Gaming, so you can play it right away, or Play on App Player if you need to install and run it locally.

Is it free?

Yes, BlueStacks X is free to use.

Is it safe?

BlueStacks X is secure, does not contain any virus, and no security breaches have been detected so far. For further information, you can consult Bluestacks' privacy policy.

What is the difference between BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks X?

If BlueStacks 5 allows you to run Android games you installed on your PC, with BlueStacks X, you can play Android games on your PC either locally or via Cloud Gaming technology.

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