RPCS3 (PSeMu3) free for PC, Mac

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  • Developer DH and Hykem
  • Version 0.0.28-15240
  • License Open Source
  • Language en

RPCS3, also known as PSeMu3, empowers you to dive into the world of PlayStation 3 on your PC! This groundbreaking, open-source emulator revives your favorite PS3 games, delivering a seamless gaming experience with enhanced graphics and performance. Join a passionate community and relive the PS3 era like never before.

What is RPCS3?

RPCS3 is a free, open-source emulator and debugger tailored for the Sony PlayStation 3, compatible with Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and macOS. This tool enables you to play and debug PlayStation 3 games on your computer. Developed using the C++ programming language, it targets x86-64 CPUs and utilizes OpenGL and Vulkan for backend rendering.

Seriously, RPCS3 is an amazingly well-developed emulator backed by a big and reliable community of developers and players. If you want to play PlayStation 3 games on your PC, then go for it.

What are the key features of RPCS3?

  • Play PS3 games: Long story short, you can access the extensive catalog of PS3 games and play them right on your computer using RPCS3 and its incredible emulation capabilities. RPCS3's objective is to meticulously and precisely emulate the Sony PlayStation 3 Computer Entertainment System, leveraging the strengths of open-source collaboration and reverse engineering. Hence, it safeguards the heritage of the PlayStation 3, along with its expansive game collection, by transitioning it and its unique titles to the PC realm.
  • Save states: RPCS3 provides the ability to save game states, allowing you to save and load your game at any point and whenever you want. Also, save files can be transferred from an actual PlayStation 3 console using the typical USB flash drive method. However, because of the user account system's structure on the genuine PlayStation 3, there are instances where you might have to re-authenticate or re-sign your saved game.
  • Input devices and peripherals support: RPCS3 currently supports keyboard/mouse inputs and native DualShock 3, DualShock 4, and DualSense controllers. It also provides support for the PlayStation Eye Camera, which is a big step.
  • Local multiplayer: Local multiplayer is fully supported, accommodating up to 7 controllers simultaneously, mirroring the original PlayStation 3 hardware capabilities on both Windows and Linux. The setup offers versatile configuration options; for instance, one participant can use a keyboard, while another can use a compatible game controller.
  • Active development and community: The project is presently overseen and structured by a diverse group of individuals, each bringing significant contributions to various facets of the project. Whether it's direct work on the emulator, steering community initiatives, or even updating the website, every member has a distinct role that contributes to the overarching vision. However, the core team isn't the sole driving force. Much of the advancement in emulating PlayStation 3 on PC can be attributed to numerous developers from the GitHub community who have generously shared their expertise.
  • Debugging capabilities: As a debugger, RPCS3 offers C++ tools that help in analyzing and correcting issues in games.

  • Extensive settings: You have direct access to many PlayStation 3 settings, and you can freely adjust them depending on your hardware capabilities, like Resolution Scale and Anisotropic Filter, and many others related to your CPU, GPU, audio hardware, network hardware, etc.


How to use RPCS3?

We advise you to take the time to read the very extensive and detailed Quickstart guide provided on the official website. You can also consult their forum, the wiki, join their Discord server, and browse the YouTube channel for more information.

If you want to check if the game you want to play has been listed as compatible, check the dedicated list. Otherwise, try your luck, and you'll see. Regarding controllers, have a look at the dedicated article. Finally, and after having consulted the quickstart guide, you can explore all the articles related to configuration: CPU configurationGPU configurationAudio configurationI/O configurationSystem configurationNetwork configurationAdvanced configuration, and Debug configuration.

How to install PS3 games on RPCS3?

You should consult the "Installing PlayStation 3 Games" section from the Quickstart guide.

How to update games on RPCS3?

Yes, the RPCS3 community is so good that developers even wrote a dedicated guide to teach you how to download and install update PKGs for games.

Is RPCS3 free?

RPCS3 is a completely free, open-source solution to use.

Is RPCS3 safe?

Yes, RPCS3 is considered very safe to use, and it is an open-source project. Download it from a safe source, such as this site.

What are the system requirements for RPCS3?


For being able to run any games at all, no performance or stability guarantees.

  • Operating system: Windows (Windows 10, Windows 11), Linux (Linux 5.4 (Older LTS), Ubuntu 20.04 or newer), macOS (macOS Monterey 12.0 or newer), FreeBSD (FreeBSD 12.4 or newer)
  • Processor: AMD - Any x64 CPU, Intel - Any x64 CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM or more
  • Graphics: AMD - OpenGL 4.3 compatible or newer, NVIDIA - OpenGL 4.3 compatible or newer
  • Storage: SSD storage for emulator data, SSD or HDD storage for games


For running all playable games with playable performance.

  • Operating system: Windows (Windows 10 22H2 or newer, Windows 11 22H2 or newer), Linux (Linux 6.5 (Latest), 6.1 (LTS) or newer), macOS (macOS Monterey 12.6 or newer), FreeBSD (FreeBSD 13.2 or newer)
  • Processor: AMD - 6 cores and 12 threads, 8 cores or more,  Intel - 6 cores and 12 threads, 8 cores or more
  • Memory: 8 GB of dual-channel RAM or more
  • Graphics: Vulkan compatible with active driver support
  • Storage: SSD storage for emulator data, SSD or HDD storage for games