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PrimoPDF is an easy-to-use program allowing you to convert any file to PDF. Created by the same developers as Nitro PDF, this tool lets you convert and edit PDF files in different resolutions and sizes and protect your documents with encryption.

What are the key features of PrimoPDF?

  • Printing: To perform the conversion, PrimoPDF installs a virtual printer on the user computer system that can be accessed from any application. What's interesting with PrimoPDF is that it can print PDF regardless of the used application to perform the task.
  • Categories: The choice of categories lets you proceed with the optimization of files depending on their use for printing: prepress, ebook, screen, print, or custom. This allows you to have the optimal quality and resolution, size, fonts, and more.
  • Security: The advantage with PrimoPDF is that we can shelter files against prying eyes. Indeed, it can secure the file using encryption of 128-bit level.
  • Configurable: with PrimoPDF, it is possible to add further information about the file such as title, author, etc. It also takes into account the font "Non- TrueType".

How PrimoPDF work?

PrimoPDF works as a virtual printer for Windows computers. To use it, you simply need to drag and drop your files into the program and choose the template you need. Then, you need to save your document as a PDF in the desired folder. You can also click on Change next to the PDF security tab to put layer of protection on your files.

Is PrimoPDF free?

PrimoPDF is free to download and use.

Is PrimoPDF safe?

PrimoPDF is a safe program, created by respectable developers. It is also safe because it can protect your PDF documents with encryption.