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Difficulties in converting an Apple Mac DMG format to a more standardized ISO format (mostly used on Windows-based computers), Dmg2Iso gives you a breeze thanks to its more appropriate and fastest way of converting files.

What are the key features of dmg2iso?

  • Installation guide: no complicated steps are required for the conversion process. Users just need to first, run the PowerIso, pick the "Tools > Convert" Menu, then you can see image converter dialogue and choose the required source data. You can then change the output name to ISO, then click on "ok" to start the converting process.
  • Download location: the application is free and easy to use, the application can be downloaded in this website or can as well be found on its official website which will give you further information and supports.
  • Functionality: Dmg and Iso are examples of images format which consists of compressing a whole CD or DVD into more convenient computer file which permits you to enhance the state of your works.
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Is it free?

Yes, it is free to download. 

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