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If you changed your old Windows computer for a newer one and encounter problems with older Excel formats documents, such as XLS, you might be interested in software such as Convert XLS to XLSX to make sure that your old files can still be used by converting them from XLS to XLSX.

Note: The software wasn’t updated since 2014, and it is not supported by Windows 10.

What are the key features of Convert XLS to XLSX?

  • Conversion: as its name suggests, Convert XLS to XLSX's purpose is to convert XLS format into XLSX. It allows you to read your excel files (XLS) older MS Excel versions by transforming them into XLSX files.
  • Batches conversion: in the case where you have to convert a whole folder of XLS files, you do not have to load them one by one. Convert XLS to XLSX includes a batch processing tool that lets you import files to convert in a few clicks.

Is Convert XLS to XLSX free?

This is a free trial version. You can purchase the full license for $28.95.

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