Philips SPC1000NC/00 Webcam Driver

(23.8 Mo)
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  • Developer Philips
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  • License Freeware
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Note: The Philips SPC1000NC webcam is no longer available. The program can only be used to those who still own the discontinued webcam.

The Philips SPC1000NC is a download software to navigate your webcam and install it in your computer. If you do not have the software disc, this download will allow you to use the webcam freely on your desktop.

  • It has a CMOS sensor of 1.3 MP resolution, 5 megapixel image quality and up to 5x digital zoom.
  • Face tracking feature and built-in digital microphone offering you the best quality for video calls and snapshot capturing.
  • Clear sound, it filtrates the surrounding noise to bring all clarity to your voice
  • Change the background of your conversations to have a fun with your friends or a more discreet setting when at work
  • Insert images and icons in your video calls
  • Face tracking that keeps a steady image of your facil movement without meddling with the quality of your call

Is It Free?

The software is free, the webcam is no longer available

=Is It Safe?== Phillips is a well known brand and safety guarantee is part of their main features