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  • Developer Microsoft
  • Version 6.210203.1.947450
  • License Freeware
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Microsoft Launcher is the app specifically designed to organize your phone's home screen, customize widgets and wallpapers as well as set up to-do lists, calendars, newsfeed, weather forecast, and other important work and personal information.

What are the key features of Microsoft Launcher?

  • Customization: Microsoft Launcher lets you organize everything in your Android phone the way you want to, including your newsfeed, calendars, to-do lists, notes, social networks, and more. The home screen layout can also be personalized with custom icons and widgets.
  • Efficient: Microsoft Launcher quickly loads your files, uses minimum memory capacity, and saves your battery life while offering you high efficiency.
  • Wallpapers: Enjoy a new wallpaper from Bing every day or choose something from your photo library.
  • Dark theme: This new Microsoft Launcher feature can be used at night for your comfort.
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How does Microsoft Launcher work?

Microsoft Launcher works as your phone’s personal organizer that is highly customizable, so you can set up your home screen in the most efficient and handy way for you.

Is Microsoft Launcher free?

Microsoft Launcher is free to download and use.

Is Microsoft Launcher safe?

Microsoft collects personal data. To learn more about its privacy policy, visit its official website.

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