Briefcase plus

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Disclaimer: It seems that the publsher's website is closed and that the software hasn't been updated for several years. The version linked to this page is the most popular one among the users.

One sometimes needs to synchronise data from several computers. The use of an utility software for backup and data management like Briefcase Plus makes this task easy.

Key features


Once the two computers are connected, all the folders in both computers are displayed on the main interface of Briefcase Plus. These are shown on a root directory that can be extended or reduced in order to clear the working window.

Data management

This application allows as well the management of digital data stored in each computer. Several managing functions are then available, such as transfer or suppression.


Briefcase Plus offers the possibility to backup files in a secured area, enabling restoration in case of troubles. The place of the backup data can change from a post to another one depending on the user's requirements.


The application allows the synchronisation of files on both hard disk as a matter of quality and version. Any change in the data will be then taken in to account on the two connected computers.

Is It Free?

Briefcase Plus is available on free download.