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  • Developer Steven Shiau
  • Version 3.1.1-27
  • License Open Source
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Clonezilla Live is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program that is best used for single machine backup and restore. The software was developed by NCHC Free Software Labs and was last released on September 8th, 2007.

What are the key features of Clonezilla?

  • Backup: Clonezilla allows copying the computer system so as to obtain a backup. This backup file can be stored whether on a predefined partition of the PC's hard drive or on a bootable CD/USB and can be restored later if needed.

  • Compatibility: The advantage of this software is the fact that it supports almost all file system formats such as ext2, ext4, NTFS of Windows, HFS+ of Mac, and many more.

  • Unattended mode: Users can execute all the steps through commands and options and are free to customize the cloning and imaging in a way that suits them best by using a lot of boot parameters.

  • Encryption: In addition to the above, users can use AES-256 encryption in order to secure data access, storage, and transfer.

  • Clonezilla - Windows 10 compatibility: Can Clonezilla clone Windows 10? Yes, it can. And does Clonezilla work with SSD? Also yes, you can use the software to copy an SSD or clone an HDD to an SSD.

How to use Clonezilla?

If you are new to the software, we recommend following the official guide that offers step-by-step examples.

Is Clonezilla free?

You can download and use Clonezilla Live for free.

Is Clonezilla safe?

It seems that the app has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. Clonezilla is open source, meaning that its code can be checked by anyone.

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