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  • Version 2.24
  • License Open Source
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AntiMicro is a powerful graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad. It is useful for playing PC games and using any other application using your gamepad.

What is AntiMicro?

AntiMicro is a versatile, open-source tool that enables you to map keyboard keys and mouse functions to a gamepad, presenting a convenient alternative for those who prefer controller-based interactions over traditional keyboard and mouse setups. This application is particularly useful for enjoying games on a PC using a controller.

Initially developed by Travis Nickles, AntiMicro has transitioned to ongoing development by the GitHub community and is readily available for the Windows operating system.

Note that AntiMicro is no longer maintained (but still available). Have a look at AntiMicroX for the most advanced version.

What are the key features of AntiMicro?

  • Remap: You have total control over configuring your gamepad and mapping inputs from your keyboard and mouse. Indeed, you can change the axis range of analog sticks, set a dead zone for them, emulate mouse and keyboard input, simulate multiple key presses or mouse clicks, configure multimedia mappings, and more.
  • Multi-gamepad support: AntiMicro stands out with its support for multiple gamepads, inviting more excitement and company to your gaming world. Whether it's enjoying a game night with friends and family or delving into online multiplayer games, AntiMicro has got you covered.
  • Universal game support: Use AntiMicro with any game or application, unlocking a new level of versatility. Whether it's a high-octane game or a productive application, AntiMicro is your companion for enhanced interactivity and convenience.
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  • Intuitive: The whole interface is neatly designed, making it super easy to use and configure.
  • Profile: You can create several profiles and quickly switch between them for even more versatility. It saves lots of time and ensures your experience is perfect for each game and application.

How to use AntiMicro?

  1. AntiMicro comes with a sleek user interface. The upper section shows your gamepad and all its buttons, turning purple whenever one of them is pressed.
  2. At the bottom of the window, presets are readily accessible to facilitate swift controller setup. Manual setup is also an option for those preferring a more personalized config option.
  3. Note that the app systematically categorizes your gamepad buttons into 'Axis' or 'Button' options, each leading to a settings menu upon selection ('Axis' means the gamepad's cursor buttons).
  4. Every gamepad and joystick is allocated a dedicated tab, allowing you to click on any button and initiate a settings window where controls can be mapped to keyboard or mouse buttons. Separate tabs are available for mapping either keyboard or mouse inputs.

Is AntiMicro free?

AntiMicro is 100% free to use.

Is AntiMicro safe?

AntiMicro is a safe solution to use, and it is open-source, so that anyone can inspect the source code. Still, beware of not getting caught using AntiMicro, as it is considered cheating to use it in competitive modes.