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  • Version 3.4.0
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AntiMicroX stands as a modern and versatile graphical solution to map gamepad keys to keyboard, mouse, scripts, and macros.

What is AntiMicroX?

AntiMicroX is the successor of AntiMicro and stands as a graphical piece of software to map gamepad keys to keyboard, mouse, scripts, and macros. This time, it is available on Windows and Linux.

All personal preferences apart, it is worth trying AntiMicroX if you need a simple yet powerful input mapping program.

What are the key features of AntiMicroX?

  • Customization and configuration: With AntiMicroX, gain complete autonomy in configuring your gamepad and assigning inputs from your keyboard and mouse buttons and moves. Moreover, you have the flexibility to modify the axis range of analog sticks and tune a dead zone for them. Last but not least, you can map buttons to scripts and executables for ultimate efficiency.
  • Macros: Yes, indeed, you can set up macros, combining all elements mentioned above in a single action.
  • Next-gen profiles: You can build mapping profiles for each scenario, game, and application. But the most tremendous part is that it can automatically assign the profile to the active application window.
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  • Generate SDL2 config: You can even use it for generating SDL2 configuration (this is super useful for mapping atypical gamepads to generic ones like Xbox 360).
  • Sleek interface: The new interface is way more optimized and intuitive. Even though it empowers you to carry out thorough and complex configurations, you will easily find all the necessary resources.
  • Standalone: You can pick the portable version if you prefer, so it will be part of your toolbox wherever you go.
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How to use AntiMicroX?

It's simple to use, but you may still be interested in discovering how to add a new game controller mappinghow to deal with mouse settings, as well as how to load profiles automatically.

Is AntiMicroX free?

Yes, AntiMicroX is open-source and free to use.

Is AntiMicroX safe?

Yes, AntiMicroX is a safe, open-source solution.

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