Causality free for iOS

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  • Developer Loju LTD
  • Version 1.4.6
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

Causality for iPhone is a strategy game in which you must manipulate time and rearrange past events to change outcomes. Set in strange extra-terrestrial landscapes, you must help a group of astronauts find a path to safety.


  • Setting: In Causality, you will wander around strange and alien landscapes. This will lead you to help a group of stranded astronauts that are searching for a route to safety.
  • Time travel: As mentioned above, this game is about time manipulation. This means that you will get to work with your past selves, as well as that you will have to figure out some strange paradoxes.
  • Levels: Causality is a peculiar game, with peculiar levels - each one is a short and hazardous moment in time. To complete a level, you will have to get every astronaut to the exit, and this, in a limited period of time. The color of the astronaut and the color of the exit must match.
  • Other details: This game comes with sixty levels to complete and thirteen achievements to unlock.
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