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Twitch Studio is an all-in-one streaming software designed for new streamers to help them start on Twitch. Featuring an intuitive interface, powerful tools, and customizability, it will consistently help streamers create a unique and professional-looking stream.

What is Twitch Studio?

Twitch Studio is a free streaming app designed and developed by Twitch to provide everything new streamers need to start in the streaming industry. It focuses on simplicity, accessibility, and modularity. Still, it delivers good performance and ensures high-quality streaming experiences for your audience.

What are the key features of Twitch Studio?

  • Compose: Twitch Studio is designed around a layer-based approach, meaning you can compose your scene with all kinds of elements like Screen Share, Alerts, Game Capture, Wallpaper, Background Color, and more. Of course, each element's size and position are tweakable so you can create your unique atmosphere.
  • Auto-detection: Twitch Studio will automatically detect when you launch a game and set it as the recording and streaming scene. That is pretty convenient as you don't need to set up a scene or select the input.
  • Built-in alerts and chat: As you are directly connected to your Twitch account, you can take advantage of a built-in chat and alerts system, which undoubtedly eases your life. Consequently, your audience instantly sees you while performing, and you can focus on your content while receiving alerts and discussing with your audience.
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  • Built-in scenes: Twitch Studio has several pre-configured scenes to ensure your streaming sessions naturally go with the flow. Hence, you can stream, make pauses and perform a transition to the Be Right Back scene, only focus on chat, and more.
  • Quality check: It automatically detects your internet speed and accordingly adjusts your stream quality to ensure an uninterrupted experience. You can also tweak it manually depending on what kind of behavior you prefer when your internet speed varies.

How to use Twitch Studio?

  1. Once installed and launched, you can log in to your Twitch account.
  2. Then, you will follow the classic setup processes and be taught about the basics. If you need more details, you can check the dedicated broadcasting Getting Started article on the official website.
  3. If you have questions about some features, browse the FAQ or the general Getting Started section.

Is Twitch Studio free?

Twitch Studio is an entirely free and easy-to-use application for new streamers just starting in the world of online content creation.

Is Twitch Studio safe?

Yes, Twitch Studio is safe to use.

Is Twitch Studio better than OBS?

Twitch Studio and OBS Studio target different audiencesTwitch Studio aims at providing everything new streamers need when starting out, it features a simpler interface, auto game detection, built-in chat, and offers a quick setup process. In a nutshell, it is more specific so you can quickly jump into the course.

OBS Studio is more versatile and supports various platforms (including Twitch). It provides more technical tools, the sources and scenes concepts leverage your capabilities to get exactly what you want, can be extended with plug-ins, and offers more advanced settings. Still, it also comes with platform chat to interact with your audience.

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