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AMCap is an image and audio capture application with advanced preview and recording features. It is a desktop software for Windows that works on most Video-for-Windows and DirectShow-compatible recording devices, whether webcams or advanced video capture cards.

What is AMCap?

AMCap is a specialized video-capturing tool designed for Windows operating systems. It serves as a versatile application for capturing audio and video from various devices such as webcams, USB cameras, and camcorders. The software offers a range of standard features, including the configuration of audio and video devices, camera control options (such as tilt, focus, zoom, and exposure), and settings for audio input and format.

What are the key features of AMCap?

  • Capture videos: Capturing videos is one of the core stunning features of AMCap, empowering you to record videos on your hard drive and create compositions like a timelapse. Moreover, it is compatible with Microsoft DirectShow to deliver high-quality results. Last but not least, you can take screenshots (single or periodic ones) of your video.
  • Capture audio: Capturing audio as part of a video or separately is also possible, and it supports microphones or speakers as input devices. Regarding audio settings, you are free to manage them as you want.
  • Video capture inputs: AMCap can record videos from various sources, like your computer, cameras, and TV Tuner cards. Another great thing is that it also supports multi-monitor configurations.
  • Video capture settings: You can adjust many settings to get the result you are looking for, including the framerate, aspect ratio, rotation, brightness, contrast, hue, or saturation.
  • Compress your videos: In addition, you can make it compress your video files using your installed file-archiver software for tiny optimized outputs.
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  • Add effects: You can apply real-time effects on your videos for a direct, personalized touch.
  • Preview: As you need to keep total control over your recordings, you can preview them in real-time and ensure everything is going as you wish.
  • Recording formats: AMCap supports AVI, WMV, and MP4 container formats (compatibility depends on capture format).
  • Profile persistence: For more convenience, all your profile settings are kept across sessions (e.g., color space, output size, video standard, etc.).
  • Text enhancer: It features an Experimental Text Enhancer specially designed for individuals with low vision.
  • Command line interface (CLI): Thanks to the CLI, you can use AMCap from the console and run it from your scripts or task scheduler.
  • Miscellaneous: AMCap provides several other options, like setting a hideable caption and bars to leave only the preview in windowed mode, configuring the crosshair, and more.

How to use AMCap?

AMCap incorporates a comprehensive set of standard functionalities. It allows you to effortlessly configure connected audio and video devices, automatically detected by the application. Then, you can easily tweak various settings, such as device properties, volume control, and video mixing render options.

  1. Upon establishing device connections, camera control options become accessible, covering tilt, focus, zoom, exposure, and more. You can also modify audio input and format settings. The video mixing rendering feature also empowers you to choose orientation flip and aspect ratio preferences.
  2. The well-organized menu bar consolidates all available features, with the recording prominently displayed in a dedicated area. AMCap seamlessly identifies and initiates image recording from the webcam or camera device upon connection. The application can accommodate various devices, including webcams, USB cameras, and more.
  3. Under the 'Capture' tab, you can select your preferred capture activity. The 'Start Recording' and 'Stop Recording' buttons facilitate basic video recording, while the 'Synchro Start' option enables automatic audio recording alongside on-screen video. The 'Still Capture' feature allows for image captures, with the flexibility to take periodic snapshots or a single screenshot, complete with scheduling capabilities.
  4. AMCap goes beyond video, enabling audio recording to incorporate sound into your videos. Additional features encompass full-screen mode, alpha-blended overlays, digital zoom, and deinterlacing support.

Is AMCap free?

We offer you the free demo version of AMCap, but you can purchase the paid version to get the most out of it.

Is AMCap safe?

Yes, AMCap is considered safe, so no worries.

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