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  • Version 1.10.4
  • License Open Source
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VirtualDub is a program specially designed for capturing video. It provides the necessary features for processing a video. This free software has been released under the terms of the GNU license.

What are the key features of VirtualDub?

  • With its analog and virtual capture capabilities, VirtualDub can capture video with the frame rates of your choice. It includes capturing any AVI variant, overlay and preview modes, and audio VU meters.
  • The tool can also create a video file from a series of targets or bitmaps.
  • The volume level meters and other controls have been integrated to ensure a smooth capture of the video. Users can perform real-time processing thanks to the ability to reduce video noise and the size of a file, and automatically stop the settings for capture overflow.
  • It is integrated with tools for editing video files. It is possible, for example, to replace the audio background of a video with another. VirtualDub is endowed with a built-in player that lets users preview the changes to be made before the final treatment.