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Adding subtitles to video files used to be a task requiring a high computing level, but that is not the case henceforth. Time Adjuster is supplied with an intuitive interface; beginner users will seamlessly process this software.

What are the key features of Time Adjuster?

  • Subtitles: Time Adjuster's main purpose is subtitles editing. Its principle is simple: you have to create and save them as .srt, .sub, or .txt and then embed them into your video file. Creating subtitles can be done either by downloading from a dedicated website or by writing it yourself.
  • Synchronization: you will synchronize your subtitles timing according to the video's one thanks to its timing function included in the toolbar. Without hassle, you will insert your subtitles files content since you just have to click on the two blue arrows to match and adjust video flux to the text.
  • Subtitles issues: Time Adjuster can fix your broken subtitles, if it is the case, without you having to use another program. Converting features and splitting and merging subtitles are also present in the application.

Is it free?

It is entirely free.

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