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Photoshow Gold is a graphic program that lets you combine all your picture or video in a single file with impressive effects. Very convenient, it allows users in a few clicks to get a pleasant slideshow without too much effort.

Disclaimer: ProShow Gold is a PhotoDex product. Their website closed permanently on January 31, 2020. If you do not already own registration keys, ProShow Gold may not work on your computer.

What are the key features of Proshow Gold?

  • Proshow Gold aims to create slideshows with ease. Whether from an image or a video, all you have to do is to upload them with a sound and a text file. Then you customize it by adding various styles such as transition or motion effects and by setting the timing.
  • To avoid compatibility issues, Proshow Gold supports several kinds of graphic file formats such as PSD, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and more. You must drag and drop a file on the software's interface if you want to import a file.
  • Once edited, your slideshow is ready to be exported. For that, either you export it on Social media such as Facebook, Youtube, or Vimeo, online environment such as flash or web show, or simply by saving it with MPEG or EXE formats on devices like DVDs, CDs.

Is it free?

This is a trial version.

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