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HeyGen is the next-gen video creation platform based on AI-generated content. It doesn't matter if you have no camera, as it leverages the power of AI to craft tailored videos with over 100 customizable avatars and face-swapping features. Breathe life into images with voice, choose from 300+ templates, and benefit from seamless integrations. Elevate your content with the future of video innovation.

What is HeyGen?

Do you want to create your own video without a camera, crew, or skills? With HeyGen, it's no longer a problem as they have built an all-in-one solution to streamline and automate video generation using the power of AI.

In a few words, you are now entirely competent to build your video with your customized avatar and script, and ready to create engaging content specifically designed for your audience. What's amazing is how simple it is to customize and create your avatar, and the gestures and lip sync implementations are very convincing.

This is a groundbreaking solution, so nothing's perfect, but they manage to provide great results and stand as true pioneers.

What are the key features of HeyGen?

  • Generative outfit: Your look and appearance are keys if you want to convince your audience efficiently. Luckily, you can dress your avatar for any occasion with very diversified clothing options, and you can choose your avatar's gender, race, age, and occupation. In a nutshell, choose from over 100 AI avatars covering different ethnicities, ages, and poses. Type your scripts, and create a spokesperson video with perfect lip-syncing in minutes.
  • Custom avatar: You can generate your own custom avatar based on real footage using HeyGen AI advanced algorithms. It differs from the standard avatar generation process provided by default, but you will get much more personalized results with better lip sync and gesture simulation. Oh, and the video quality can be up to 4K and 60 FPS.
  • FaceSwap: Alternatively, you can upload your images and swap your face onto the AI avatar. That is less complicated than a custom avatar but more convincing than AI-generated ones.
© HeyGen
  • Voice cloning: You can clone your voice and make your avatars talk and pronounce how you do. Surprisingly, you can achieve voice cloning only by reading a concise script. For that specific feature, eight languages are supported (English, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Hindi).
  • Languages: Most avatar generation features allow you to use over 300 voices and over 40 popular languages.
  • Make your photos talk: You can infuse any image with a genuine human voice, converting static images into animated, speaking versions. Script what you'd like the image to express, and let HeyGen convey your desired message.
  • Text to speech: It's literally that. You can effortlessly paste your text and select your language and voice, and HeyGen will generate a natural-sounding speech.
  • Huge template library: You don't have to start from scratch. Pick one of the 300+ templates and make a scroll-stopping video in a trice.
© HeyGen
  • Zapier integration: Yes, they made it, and no coding skills are required. Thanks to the time-saving and seamless Zapier integration, you can connect HeyGen to over 5,000 other apps and boost your workflow. That way, you can easily generate personalized videos from various input data and automatically distribute them on all the supported applications.
  • Perfection lies in the details: There are many other subtleties to discover that make HeyGen very handy to use, like the ability to combine several scenes into one video, the possibility to choose from many fonts, images, and shapes, or to upload your favorite music.

How to use HeyGen?

HeyGen has been tailored to be easy to learn and simple to use. If you want to get started, you can simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch HeyGen and pick one of the many available avatars, or create your own.
  2. Input your script. Choose from over 300 voices and over 40 languages.
  3. Finally, submit to generate the video. Grab a cup of coffee, and it'll be ready in minutes.

In addition, you will find plenty of different resources online, such as How to create a speakable & clickable Bio Link in minutesHow to bring your explainer videos to a higher levelHow to turn your PowerPoint into a video with one clickHow to convert audio to video, and How to convert text to video online.

Is HeyGen free?

HeyGen is free to use but is limited to 1 free Credit (1-minute video), but you can get more if you subscribe to one of their monthly or yearly plans.

Is HeyGen safe?

As of now, HeyGen is considered a safe solution to use. Indeed, they are SOC2 compliant, and your data is securely stored. Moreover, they employ a mix of human and AI oversight to keep the community safe from harmful content. If you want to know more, you can take a look at their privacy policy and ethics policy.

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