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  • Developer SoftCab Inc
  • Version 1.2
  • License Shareware
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WebCam Spy is a very particular program that can be used, for example, if you suspect that someone is stealing data from your computer or products from your store. It connects to your webcam and detects any movement in front of your computer. If there is an intruder, the software will automatically start the recording so that you can use this video as evidence against thieves.

What are the key features of WebCam Spy?

  • Useful for store protection as well as for the safety of important files on your computer.
  • Automatically detects any movement in front of your PC. Once a move is detected, the software will send signals, and record pictures, and videos without making a suspicious sound that may alert the thieves in action.
  • The motion detector sensitivity can be fixed according to your needs.
  • The software can operate with many cameras, no matter their number.
  • Additional options are available, such as video recording with sound, volume sound adjusting, and a little window to show the last move detection.
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Is it free?

This is a free trial version. The full license will cost you $24.95 for a Lite version and $99.95 for a Pro version.

Is it safe?

Yes, until now, it is considered safe to use.

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