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  • Developer Snap Inc
  • Version 1.21.0
  • License Freeware
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Snap Camera is a fun way to pimp your style while interacting with others online by applying all kinds of filters and effects right on your camera. It is very simple to use, features a large library, and seamlessly blends with other video communication solutions.

What is Snap Camera?

Snap Camera is an interactive camera filter application originally developed by the developers of Snapchat. It has been designed to let you create and apply filters on your PC cameras so you can pimp your look and background while having conversations or video calls through other apps.

It is no longer maintained as the Snapchat application has totally replaced it.

What are the key features of Snap Camera?

  • Exciting filters: You have access to thousands of different filters, like the iconic Dog, the In Love, Cute Glasses, and many more. It doesn't only add particles and effects, but it is also able to change the shape of your face and expressions.
  • Compatible: Snap Camera generates a virtual camera device you can select from other software like Zoom, Teams, or any other one. Hence, you can still participate in calls with your teams, friends, and family and enjoy all the possibilities of Snap Camera.
© Snap Camera
  • Create and share content: Create photo montages with Snapchat stickers and filters. Also, create videos with Snap effects that you can later edit from your computer. Then, share the photos and videos on your social networks.
  • Lens Studio: The Lens Studio tool empowers you to create your own filters using custom shaders and effects. The big library of materials is large enough to create unique designs and let you express your creativity.
  • Favorites: You can save your favorite filters and quickly find them whenever you want.

How to use Snap Camera?

  1. Once installed and launched, grant access to your files and documents if required.
  2. Browse the filter library and select the one matching your mood.
  3. You can also apply filters in other applications like Zoom, Teams, or any other video communication solutions. As Snap Camera will create a virtual camera, go to your video communication solution settings section to switch to another camera. Select the one created by Snap Camera, and you will see your filters applied instantly.
© Snap Camera

Is Snap Camera free?

Yes, Snap Camera is completely free to use.

Is Snap Camera safe?

Yes, Snap Camera is considered safe.

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