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PHP - Detect the display resolution

There is no native function in PHP that can detect the display resolution. Webmaster insights will help to solve this problem arising in PHP. Java script can be used in this case, which will detect the display resolution. The script will do so, by using the width and height features of the screen. The required code for this has to be inserted into a HTML document. Once it is done, the settings can be switched to the PHP script through proper coding methods.

There is no native function in PHP for detecting a user's display resolution.

You can, however, use Javascript to discover the resolution through the width and height attributes of the screen:


The following Javascript code will show the display resolution:
<script language="Javascript">     
document.write('<br>your resolution is'.screen.width+'x'+screen.height)     

It is possible to convert this to PHP code like this:

echo "<script language=\"JavaScript\">     
else {         

// Code to be displayed if resolutoin is detected     
     if(isset($_GET['width']) && isset($_GET['Height'])) {     
               // Resolution  detected     
     else {     
               // Resolution not detected     

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