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The Best (and Craziest) Tech Gadgets of CES 2021

The most influential tech conference CES this year went digital: all the presentations, exhibitions and special events were held online showing the most incredible and unbelievable gadgets. It is worth noting that many of them are directly related to the pandemic and influenced by hygienic protection, as, for example, BioButton, a body sticker that automatically detects Covid-19 symptoms, or Toto, a health-analyzing toilet. Read this article to find out more about the best and the craziest tech gadgets of CES this year.

In 2020 hi-tech, sales in the U.S. hit an all-time record, according to The NPD Group, rising 17% because of the pandemic. Of course, this global sanitary crisis has had a profound effect on the course of things, has set some new trends, and in some ways has even helped us all reassess our own values. It also added some new accents to the tech industry so many companies focused on fighting the coronavirus and facilitating work from home. In this article, we listed the most intriguing gadgets found at CES 2021.

The Wellness Toilet

A very futuristic invention – a smart toilet from Toto. It analyzes the waste as well as the user’s skin and gives you some healthy advice and recommendations, for example, to change your diet and eat more salmon or vegetables. Although the device was already presented during the CES 2021, according to the production company, it will take several years to start mass production.


The BioButton is a small gadget that sticks to one’s upper chest to capture heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and other indicators and detect early coronavirus symptoms even if the user doesn’t feel sick yet. This can help to prevent the virus from spreading as well as just keeping track of your daily health data.

Petit Qoobo: The Furry Robot

Japanese company, Yukai Engineering presented a new robot – Petit Qoobo that resembles a cat. According to its developers, it is made to help its users reduce anxiety, especially those of us who live alone. The furry robot can wag its tail like a real cat, it has a weight and a heartbeat so sometimes you can even forget that it’s not alive and enjoy this cute companion.

Smart Mask AirPop Active Plus

AirPop was producing smart masks long before the coronavirus pandemic started, so this year the brand was already fully prepared for the “call of duty”. They created a smart mask that has a built-in sensor Halo that monitors your breath, air quality, mask filters and much more and sends the information by Bluetooth directly to your smartphone. This mask is also designed to be comfortable when you are exercising or just being active: it doesn’t fall, it mimics the face shape and at the same time doesn’t cling to your face.

Rolling Tablet from TCL

TCL presented a fascinating tablet that you can roll and fold. The company took a flexible 17-inch display, which in the folded state takes up very little space. And if necessary, it can be stretched out to get a large touch screen. You can take this tablet with you anywhere: when hiking in the mountains or presenting a new project in front of your colleagues.

Shower Power from Ampere

Quite an eco-friendly gadget is a new Ampere’s Shower Power. It is a Bluetooth speaker that is powered entirely by water, so you never need to recharge it. It’s a good solution for those of you who love to keep listening to your favorite podcast or audio track, when taking a shower, without blaming yourself for the electricity waste.

Infinity Game Table

Arcade1Up company has created a digital board gaming table. With it, you can play all your favorite table games with friends and family without having to bring all game pieces together and also without a chance to lose any of its parts. The table can save the game so you can easily make pauses and resume whenever you want.

Disinfecting Robot Ubtech Adibot

The pandemic will eventually end, but the germaphobia can stay with us for quite some time. To deal with this problem, Ubtech created a special cleaning and disinfecting giant robot with multiple ultraviolet lamps that can clean a 900 to 1,000-square-foot room in 70 to 100 seconds. This can be really helpful for small businesses, hotels, restaurants and even medical clinics.

Photo - CES 2021.


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