Firefox and network incompatible

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I'm using Windows 7 on a laptop.
And I normally use Firefox to browse the web.
Recently I moved house, where a new internet connection
has since been established.
Firefox is incredibly slow using the WiFi network connection
at the house (as in more than 20 minutes to read a
Wikipedia article). It works well everywhere else when
there is a different network connection.
So I've tried Chrome and it works fine at the house.
However, I'd like to be able to switch back to Firefox.
I'd be grateful for any advice!

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OK, so clear your cache in your browser.

Alos, try to clear your naming server cache, with the following:

IPCONFIG /flushdns

This will allow your PC to reset based on the current network connections, and not the older one (which the network doesn't like!)
Thank you very much for your response!

The browser cache is emptied every time I
close Firefox.
I have cleared the server cache as you
suggested, but the problem is still the same.

I'd be grateful for more ideas on what else
I might try.
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So did you flush the DNS?
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Sorry for the delay!

Yes, I did (cf. 01 Sep 17)
No change unfortunately.