My headphones aren't working on my laptop but speakers do

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So you could say my headphone jack is not working for some reason, but when I try to use a usb to headphone jack converter my headphones still don't work. I can hear a sound but its distorted and annoying. By the way I can hear the sound when using both the usb and the headphone jack.

Pls help, I'm trying to make music on my laptop and as you could imagine this is a very annoying problem. Also I have a laptop from the states and I live in denmark so I don't even know if i can get it fixed here.

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Sep 1, 2017 at 08:27 PM
OK, let me understand. You are using a USB device, to convert to a headphone jack?

What kind of plug does the headphones have?

What model of laptop are you using?

Do you have the drivers for the USB device installed?

What Operating system are you using?

Man, so many questions!