No signal to monitor from (sort of) booted pc

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I recently built my first pc using parts I bought online. After pressing the on button for the first time I was delighted to see the case fans, cpu fan, graphics card fan and the hard drive spinning. However when I plugged the cable into my monitor nothing happened. My monitor is working fine as my other pc confirms and I've tried multiple different cables and monitors. The monitor still has no signal, any help would be much appreciated:)

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Sep 13, 2017 at 11:16 PM
Good job on not electrocuting yourself!

Ok, so what Motherboard is it? Do you have an external Video card? Did the motherboard come with an external speaker for troubleshooting? Try this:

Take out all of the RAM, and boot. Does the PC Beep? If not, then the motherboard is bad, and it will not display regardless, or you are missing a speaker, and you cannot know if the Motherboard can detect the missing ram to be able to proceed any further with your endeavour of a new machine!

Post back, and we can help!