The connection between router and modem did not work

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I followed the instructions to set the router so I can have wi-fi available for my tablet and cellphone. The brand of the router is TP-link- WR740N and the window used in my Laptop is 7. However in spite of I followed all the steps in the basic form using the cd for that indicated in the instructions the connection always fails. I try to go to the website to set in another way but it did not work either. The link for that does not fit in the same way how it is in the indications. How could I verify better the connection? How could I find the way to set successfully the router?
Thanks in advance

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Oct 2, 2017 at 04:57 PM
OK, contact the manufacturer, or take it back. Does your ISP have an option for WIFI gateway? These things are pretty cut-and dried, so if you having issues, I am certain the instructions were not followed 100% of the way.

Stay with me:

You have the ISP "modem" or gateway. That is connected to the network, and it is good. Take a cable, and connect your laptop (windows 7) device and browse, does it browse? If yes, then take the same cable, and disconnect it from the laptop, and connect in the wifi device. Now, using another cable to connect to the WIFI, connect your laptop into the WIFI USING A CABLE! So, you should have two cables, a "modem" or gateway, a WIFI gateway, and a PC. Does the PC browse? Run the CD now!